Speech of A.M.M.Sahabdeen Trust Foundation founder, Chairman Dr. A. M. M. Sahabdeen(deceased) on the occasion of Azeez Foundation's 50th celebration.


  • Remembering
    Dr. A M M Sahabdeen

    We celebrated the 91st birthday of our founder Chairman on 19th May 2017 with a tree planting campaign. (Dr. A M M Sahabdeen passed away on 21st of February 2017.)


    The directors of Sifani are aware of the struggles and plights in the world and wanted to help their fellow countrymen and children where possible by giving them the opportunity of education. The A. M. M. Sahabdeen Trust Foundation was set up as an Educational and Social Development institution in 1979 and was registered as non profit making organization. It was incorporated by Act of Parliament No. 3 of 1991, in Sri Lanka. The institution is non sectarian, national and international in its scope of its service and activities.


    PAHAMUNE HOUSE as a children’s Rehabilitation Centre is an affiliate of A.M.M.SAHABDEEN TRUST FOUNDATION (Incorporated by Act of Parliament No. 03 of 1991) and is administrated by its Founder Chairman Dr.A.M.M.Sahabdeen in association with Mr. David Summerscale Former Head Master of Westminster School-London & Educational Advisor, Sri Lanka, Delhi.
    Pahmune House rehabilitates Tsunami affected children and other children in distress. This center is situated in Katupotha Road, Pahamune, Narammala in the Kurunegala District (NWP) Sri Lanka.

  • De Soysa
    Maternity ward

    We at Sifani believe in giving back to the community that has helped nurture us and mold us into the company we are today. Sifani through the “Sahabdeen Foundation” renovated and re-designed ward 15 of De Soysa Maternity Hospital and declared it open to the public on the 3rd of July 2014.

  • Mannar District School
    Children Vision Program

    The A.M.M. Sahabdeen Trust Foundation partnered with ‘So Others May See Inc.’ to implement a district-wide vision program for school children. All school children in the district, about 28,000 in total, were screened for vision impairment and those requiring corrective lenses were provided free. New custom-fit eyeglasses and those requiring other follow up were also referred and facilitated to see eye specialists.


    This was the first time that a formal program was offered and necessitated a Memorandum of understanding (MoU) with the Ministry of Health to secure Presidential Task Force clearance. The 109 national schools in Mannar district were covered across the two educational zones of Mannar and Madhu. 124 teachers were trained to assist in the first round of screening conducted at the schools in each classroom. Shortlists of students with visual impairment were collated and five stations for testing with optometrists were set up in Mannar, Adampan, Murunkan, Pesalai and Illupakadavai. Optometrists from the Eye Care Institute in Colombo were approved by the Vision 2020 Secretariat to conduct the testing. In total, for the district, 1371 children were tested by the optometrists and 529 glasses were prescribed with a further 500 requiring follow up in some form such as convergence exercises or referral for eye conditions. During the teacher training sessions, it was observed that many teachers were struggling with poor eyesight and the program was extended to them with permission from A.M.M. Sahabdeen Trust Foundation. 176 teachers were tested by the optometrists and 159 pairs of eyeglasses were prescribed for them. Total cost of the program was LKR 1.3MM.