The month for harmony, healing, and strength. Expressing yourself with the right piece of jewelry in August.

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Hello August. The past few months have been challenging and navigating through these unprecedented times have required a certain level of harmony and strength. The month of August truly represents just that. 


Precious history 

The August birthstone - peridot symbolizes good energy. In Hawaii, the stone has been known to signify the tears of Pele, the volcano goddess of fire who controls the flow of lava. Sardonyx have also been named as a birthstone in the past, which is thought to bring courage, eloquence and happiness. But not all tales have ended in happiness. 

Legend says that Queen Elizabeth I once gave the Earl of Essex a ring made of sardonyx, pledging her aid if he was ever in need. Later on, when accused of treason and scheduled for execution, he tried to send the ring to her but an enemy intercepted it. The queen learned of his plea only years later, after he had been beheaded.

At present, peridot is the rare gem-quality form of the mineral olivine that appears in various shades of green, sometimes with a brown or yellow tinge. Often named as the “evening emerald,” and is formed deep inside the earth’s mantle which was eventually brought to the surface by volcanoes. Closely linked to the Egyptians, the first peridot stones were unearthed on an island in the Red Sea known as Topazios.


Choosing the right piece that speaks to you

Overall, picking the right piece of jewellery either for yourself or as a gift for your loved ones is a subjective choice and staying on top of evolving trends can be daunting especially when they seem to change at a rapid pace. But that should not stop you from choosing at all. Especially when it’s a piece that truly represents you and your energy. Peridot with a hint of Tsavorites and Diamonds can be signified as harmony and strength beautifully formed together in one statement piece. 

Or perhaps a statement peridot stone with a beautiful cluster of diamonds and aquamarines may tug at your heart strings. An exquisite piece such as this can elevate the look and style of the wearer immediately. 


Precious care tips

It's crucial to understand how to care for a peridot before purchasing one simply because it is a delicate gemstone and should be treated gently. A once in every six months clean should leave the piece looking as new as the day it was bought.

Use a soft-bristled brush and warm, mildly soapy water to clean the stone. After cleaning, wipe the peridot dry with a gentle towel before storing it in a cotton box. Avoid putting any harsh substances, cosmetics or sharp objects close to the gemstone. Additionally, watch out for any abrupt, significant temperature fluctuations that may be exposed to the peridot gem. The stone's color may fade in the presence of too much heat.


In conclusion..

Whatever new challenges August brings, whether it be good or bad, facing it with grace, strength and harmony will help anybody navigate the days a bit better and perhaps ease tensions and burdens. After all, what is life without it..