Behind The Lens Sifani Photoshoot - Maldives

ring 1


Weeks before the shoot, the Sifani creative team got busy developing detailed marketing strategies, creating concepts and enlisting production teams. The purpose of this photoshoot was no different: create and capture fresh new images of a brand new collection— but our mission was greater than simple advertising. We weren’t just snapping rings and necklaces propped on top of objects to boost profit margins — we were in a way capturing the essence and soul of each individual piece. 


We were told that the weather was fickle in the Maldives. Hot one second, downpour the next, terrified that a modest gust of wind could potentially knock out one of the pieces off its prop and get washed away out to sea. But we were ready to take on the challenge regardless of the weather. 


The location 

The Maldives is known for its poster white sand beaches, swaying palms and turquoise waters. Most often, referred to as a little slice of heaven here on earth. It’s everything that you could ever wish for and more. 


The main shoot was located at the Fairmont Hotel Maldives, Sirru Fen Fushi which boasts of the country's largest resort lagoon. It was more than just your personal hideaway; it is also dubbed as a "secret water island" by the locals. **Shoutout to the General Manager Marshall Orton and hotel staff*** who kept us in mind, sheltered us and made us feel comfortable throughout our stay. 


Behind the lens

 Our mighty creative army got down to separating the pieces for the shots and started working on shoot areas and locating props. We found ourselves constantly pushing the time and chasing daylight, sunrise and sunset to capture the perfect shot.


One memorable moment was when little grains of sand took us by surprise on a windy afternoon to create one of the most amazing effects for the shot.


The goal of running an efficient shoot is to have eyes and ears in all places at all times. On such a small piece of land, with so much to do and so little time to do it, ongoing communication between members of the team was important. The team and the photographer worked hard to ensure that the shots had to be as close to perfection as possible. 


Fun fact: A handy little makeup brush in the hands of our very talented team leader became the star attraction for prop cleaning and sand leveling. 


The Sifani retail store

The structure of the store reminded me of a quaint little beach hut and the collections were neatly displayed inside in all their exquisite glory. Each piece had a story to tell. The store manager, Aqeel, truly represented the soul of Sifani, always with a smile and helped us ever so willingly to get the job done. 


It’s a wrap!

Sensations of peace and serenity soon replaced the weight of the uncertainty and pre-planning process. The first glimpse of the unedited shots left us in awe! They truly captured the aesthetic that we worked tirelessly to achieve. Truly incorporating the elements, SUN, SEA, SAND and LUXURY..


Personal experience 

Creatively, I am enamored at the beauty and true talent of making something 3-dimensional look alive in a 2-dimensional aspect. I felt so fortunate not only to be working on such a beautiful campaign, but to connect with some of the most amazing and talented individuals of the team. To me, that is The Sifani Experience…