Fluttering hearts in November

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They are delicate and beautiful and almost seem to have a magical quality with their powers of transformation from a humble caterpillar to a vibrant butterfly. It's no wonder we love butterfly jewellery so much.

Different cultures attach diverse meanings to butterflies. For example, in Asia, a butterfly symbolizes long life and two of them seen together represent love. This culture is shown in various parts of the world when butterflies are released after a wedding ceremony is complete. 

On the other hand, the Native Americans believed that if you capture a butterfly and tell it a wish, it will fly up to the Great Spirit and grant your wish. Butterflies represent transformation and are usually used as encouragement during challenging life events. They a new beginning and represent the aesthetic aspect of hope, change and growth. 



Butterfly necklaces 

Butterfly jewellery has gained popularity over time. This is because they are the most popular themes across most jewellery. Our gorgeous butterfly pink sapphire necklace can be paired with matching and playful earrings which completes any outfit. 

Butterfly rings 

Butterfly rings can be understated or full on glamour. Pictured above is our white gold ring set with sparkling blue sapphires, tsavorite and diamonds. 

Butterfly earrings 

Our simple butterfly earrings collection features yellow and pink sapphires, diamonds and tsavorite. Made to sit comfortably on the earlobe and adds an extra sparkle to any occasion. With such variety to choose from why not bring a little butterfly magic into your life...