Paradise Collection shoot in Weligama

ring 1

It was a weekend filled with good energy and great friends! 


We spent quite a bit of time conceptualizing, designing and finding the right pieces that matched the mood for this particular shoot. The pieces spoke for themselves but we needed something a little extra to truly bring out the beauty of each design. The team had their hands full in getting the ground work done and loved every challenge, from creating mood boards to finding the right location and models. This blog is dedicated to not only the collection but to also share our experience of the Paradise Collection shoot. 


The concept and the collection 


In the months leading up to shoot, we invested a fair amount of time to focus on the concept. What look did we want to create? What did we want to communicate? We wanted to tell a story. Our little slice of paradise… Our peace within a moment.. And we wanted the images to reflect the joy, strength and innocence of a woman, immersed in our island’s luscious green tropical beauty and warm blue seas. 


The Paradise collection was designed with intent and ethic. Each piece carries a representation of a specific philosophy and functions as a physical reminder of intangible ideologies. To spark discussion, deep conversation and the sharing of belief. All captured in a beautifully crafted piece of jewellery. 

A joyous mix of chains, earrings, rings and bracelets set with colourful gemstones makeup this iconic collection.


Setting the mood 

The mood board was a visual reference for the creative direction of the shoot and working together with the team helped set the tone and the expectations of it. It was amazing to have everyone on board in choosing the right aesthetic that resonated with the collection


Strike a pose!

Harini not only matched our expectations but surpassed them. Her beauty, charm, elegance, grace and delightful spirit inspired us. 


Pabz, the ever helpful and creative make up artist created just the right look for us. Much like an artist painting on a canvas. A special mention and thank you to our friends at Buddhi Batiks for providing us with the perfect resort wear for the shoot. 


The location 

In keeping with our paradise aesthetic, Eraeliya Villas and Gardens in Weligama certainly matched it and provided inspiration in more ways than one in capturing the right moment. The space felt like a second home to us filled with lush greenery, natural sunlight and fun splashes of colour. 


The final take 

The collection enkindles an inner sense of joy and peace and elicits a sense of freeness within.It is a story of hands, those of the expert, patient and inventive Artisans who successively apply their skills to these exceptional one-of-a-kind creations, integral to Sifani’s High Jewellery tradition. It is a gentle reminder of the beauty that surrounds us and the harmony that connects us.